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Why my saplings have become leggy and tall and how to fix

One of the very common challenges beginners face while sowing seeds for the first time in their life. They comlain about saplings being leggy or tall. Let us see why this happens and how to fix it Here are some of the pics sent by few of my students in the past.

In the beginning we do face lots of such challenges, which may sometime demotivate. However as I keep telling that one should have lots of patience if you really want to succeed in farming or gardening. The main reason why the saplings grow taller is because of lack of light, which is very necessary for their growth. This happens because of some mistakes that we do. After sowing the seeds we cover the seeding tray with the black cover. It has to be checked frequently but sometimes we forget to check and saplings will start growing taller and weeker in search of sunlight .. Another reason could be because some people keep the saplings near the window where they get very little light or no light. The saings start to bend towards more light they start becoming week and die eventually. I have observed another case where people use LED lights indoor. If light intensity is not enough then the same issue happens. And in nother scenario the saplings are too crowded and they won't get enough light So how to fix this problem? Simple .. Just make sure you expose the saplings to sunlight or better light soon after they germinate. The first day itself. Do not wait for all the saplings to germinate. That is another blunder many beginners do. If it's too crowded just ensure that you remove some of the saplings so that all the plants get equal sunlight. Light is very very essential for them to produce food. Please remember this point. Hope this information was helpful.

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