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How to successfully grow 100+ veggies and fruits  using very simple steps and without soil!


Guruprasad Kurtkoti, One of the India's leading Hydroponics coaches, Co-Founder of Belesiri  

Guruprasad Kurtkoti was an IT professional who worked for various big companies for 20 years in India and USA. 


He is passionate farmer, coach and a writer

Leaving a well paid job in United States wasn't at all easy. However, that extreme step was to fulfill his dreams of paying forward!

Guru with his wife Asha founded Belesiri, with a focus on educating people on scientific farming techniques such as Hydroponics (aka Soil-less farming)

He trained more than 2000 students as on Apr 2021

His objective is to help the small to medium scale farmers to find the right market and sell their produce effectively.

He received an award "Super star Farmer" in Karnataka for his exceptinal work in the field of Hydroponics farming and training.

What will you learn at the end of this course?

✅ How to get started with Hydroponics with small investment

✅ Step by step procedure to practice Hydroponics farming in a right and proven way

✅ Pest prevention and control

✅ Tips and tricks to sell your produce

Check out what our students say about our workshops!


Praveen Dharuman

After two training’s and many webinars, finally connected with Belesiri to reluctantly take up another training. I must say, it was the best learning on Hydroponic yet! More focused on “what one practically needs to do” to start a small farm. It’s an insight on what it takes to do it as a hobby or commercial. It was also a session that gets you grounded to basics and not start with the general hype around Hydroponics. Detained around the important subject like nutrition and monitoring plant growth.


Suraj Sudheendra

Belesiri is a great place to learn, study and start Hydroponics farming with. The passion though latent will defintely be enriched by the motivated method of teaching model followed by Guruprasad sir! Looking forward to grow with Belesiri.


Mohan Mudaliar

I am very thankful for getting an opportunity to attend your coaching and the workshop. Besides the content of the course, the professionalism and the simplicity with which you conducted the entire session was very impressive! Anybody who is keen on learning new age farming techniques (for a hobby or for commercial purposes) will benefit immensely under your tutelage and guidance. Your enterprising approach to community farming to help beginners and novices is very noble and highly motivating. 

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