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What books you must read to become a farmer

This question comes to everybody's mind initially when we will be looking for help to get into farming for the first time

The answer is do not read any books!

Yes I mean it!

Just start doing it... Until and unless you do it practically you will not be able to get hang of growing plants.

However you definitely need that initial guidance / mentoring. Find a practical training which can help you get started..

There are few people I know who kept reading books but never sowed a single seed. It is like becoming a surgeon without doing a surgery.

Even I started with reading a couple of books initially, but I didnt understand 90% of the book until I started doing it. So read books only after getting some hands on experience

Just sow the seeds, transplant them, nurture the plant s , feel their presence... Instead of reading books read the plants! That is very important..

Of course i will definitely tell you what books transformed my life to become an entrepreneur and helped me gain better understanding of farming techniques/ methodologies.

Guruprasad Kurtkoti

Farmer, Co-founder and mentor @ Belesiri

+91 8762162045

YouTube channel:

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