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Mission Green rooftop!

When I realised I needed more growing area few years back, I started looking out for rooftops in Bengaluru. Whenever I travelled out I used to look at the rooftops of the independent houses and used to ask the owners whether they can give their rooftop for lease. Even when I visited a friend's house I used to keep an eye on their rooftop! I found most of the rooftops were being abused, either by drying cloths or keeping junk items which were of no use anymore or by keeping it empty. I used to feel so frustrated when I saw that. I wondered why they aren't growing anything there? And I got different answers or excuses like below... 1. Finding good soil is difficult 2. It's difficult to manage the pests 3. What to do if water starts leaking from the roof 4. Pots filled with soil will be heavy and may damage the building (this is most amazing myth!)... etc In fact the root cause was most of them didn't know how to grow effectively. They were not aware of the step-by-step process to grow vegetables or fruits. Then I started bringing awareness about a very simple technique called soilless gardening or Hydroponics where we use very light weight, reusable medium with a very simple equipments to grow many fruits and vegetables. We provided that practical know-how through Hands on workshops at Belesiri farm in Bengaluru. Another very important advantage of this technique is It uses 90% LESSER water than the normal gardening! Since then we are on a mission to convert 10000 rooftops to green! If you want to be part of this mission do join our community by registering to our workshop. We guarantee 100% guidance even after you complete the workshop and let you grow successfully within 60 days. See you soon at Belesiri! Guruprasad Kurtkoti Co-founder, farmer and coach @ Belesiri (Super star farmer awardee and mentored 2000+ to be a successful growers) Whatsapp: 8762162045 Https:

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