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101 NOT OUT! We are Shooting Stars on Google

When I decided to hop into farming, I neither had any idea about the domain/business nor had the know-how to jump-start - all I had inside my skull was the dream of being a farmer and a conviction to realize that dream. I did not think of making profits out of it - but decided to start learning, rolling up my sleeves and getting my hands dirty. It was just a determination and self-belief with which I cofounded Belesiri my wife Asha 3 years ago. Belesiri (means grow in Kannada) was the name that resonated with me spontaneously when I was walking in GKVK campus, racking my brain for a suitable name. The first thing I did was kicking-off a shop on cloud! Yes, we had a presence on Google from the beginning. Being a software professional for years I knew how much people depend on Google when they need something. Slowly I saw people started noticing Belesiri on the web. I can't forget the day I received the first call from someone who was not just curious but wanted to see me in person to know about hydroponics farming techniques. That was my first encounter with a customer. Though I was bit nervous, I felt very confident. When he came over, I shown him around what I was doing, and spoke about the advantages of organic farming using hydroponic techniques over a cup of tea. He seemed to be satisfied with the information that I shared and profusely thanked me for the help; he even offered to pay for the consultation. I, however, declined to accept it as I considered that as my first experience as a consultant. I felt very happy to hear from that first customer the information I shared with him was useful. When he further insisted that I deserve a price for the gyaan I shared with him, Finally, I had to bow down to his request and took a fraction of what he offered as a token of his gratitude. That was my first earning from Belesiri. That experience increased my confidence to next level. I saw a silver line over the horizon. Since then, we at Belesiri, has been doing our best. We trained and served thousands of people and still counting. As on today, we are clocking 101 FIVE STAR reviews on google from the participants who succeeded in earning out of their ventures. We feel fortunate and grateful to get such an overwhelming response from our customers. And it is so satisfying that we could give something back to the society. We would like to invite you to join for celebrating our success - a plan is in the making. Stay tuned for more updates.... Guruprasad Kurtkoti Farmer, Co-founder and mentor @ Belesiri

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