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6 Months Soilless/ Hydroponics Farming Course @ Belesiri

*It is an exclusively designed long term training program with a combination of both practical and remote guidance!*


✅10 offline / practical sessions at Belesiri farm, spread across weekends and / or weekdays based on mutual convenience.

✅ Continued remote support for the next 6 months!

✅ Remote guidance to set up your own farm.

✅ One-on-one calls to clarify your doubts (Specific days and time slots will be provided)

✅ Weekly Group calls with Belesiri practitioners to discuss challenges and resolve.

What will you explore?

1. What is Soil-less farming / Hydroponics and misconceptions/ myths

2. Advantages over soil and why Soilless

Various growing systems: NFT, Deep water culture, Dutch bucket and Grow bags.

3. Different grow mediums used in Hydroponics and the complete growing process

4. Nutrition and fertilizer sources, importance of

5. EC / TDS and pH and monitoring

6. Pest prevention and control

7. Opportunities and future milestones

8. Effective Sowing methods and considerations.

9. Monitoring of various farm parameters and adjusting.

10. Growing specific plants: Spinach, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Capsicum, Ginger/ Turmeric

11. Scouting / monitoring practices with various tools

12. Plant observation patterns

13. How to identify plant diseases and pests

14. Pest prevention and control techniques

15. Initial investment and operating cost

16. Value additions

17. Basics of vertical farming.

18. How to grow using grow lights.

19. NFT assembly and transplantation.

20. Dutch bucket and DWC assembly and transplantation

21. Case studies of different commercial growers

22. Pruning and irrigation mechanisms.

23. And much more...!


Belesiri urban farm

(Hydroponic setup built in around the 1000 Square feet area at Kodigehalli , Bengaluru. We are growing a combination of different plants like Leafy greens, Tomatoes, cucumbers, Papaya, Flowers etc.)


FREE: Access to premium content on our website

(Reference materials and videos)

FREE: Lifetime membership of Belesiri Balaga (A community of growers)

Date/s of the event:

29th APR, 2023 - 31st OCT, 2023

Fees: INR 14,999 per person

(You can pay 4999 to register and the balance of INR 10000 can be paid on the first day of training)


Transportation, food and accommodation are not part of the fees. It has to be arranged by the students.


Belesiri reserves the right to reschedule the event in case of unavoidable circumstances with an advanced notice.

If a student can not attend any particular session or event for any reason, he/ she can attend any future sessions with advanced notice. No cancellation allowed.

About the trainer:

Guruprasad Kurtkoti, One of the India’s leading Hydroponics coaches and Founder of Belesiri

He was an IT professional who worked for various big companies for 20 years in India and the USA. He is a passionate farmer, coach and a writer. Leaving a well paid job in the United States wasn't at all easy. However, that extreme step was to fulfill his dreams of paying forward!

Guru with his wife Asha founded Belesiri, with a focus on educating people on scientific farming techniques such as Hydroponics (aka Soil-less farming)

He trained more than 2000 students as on Apr 2021. His objective is to help the small to medium scale farmers to find the right market and sell their produce effectively.

He received an award "Super star Farmer" in Karnataka for his exceptional work in the field of Hydroponics farming and training.

For any other questions please reach out to us at 8762162045

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