Frequently asked questions

Are these Dryable Baskets and Wreaths real?

Yes, all of our Wreaths, Baskets, and Bouquets are real! Most flower lovers have never experienced a dryable protea arrangement. Our beautiful protea flower arrangements can hold their beauty for years!

How long do the Protea Baskets and Wreaths last?

We have customers that keep them for a few months up to 3 years. Our intention has always been to have a beautiful real flower grouping that can look good for years. Our products are made for drying. We have achieved this by the use of floral tints and the world's best dryable flowers. You have to see it for yourself to believe it!

Do the Protea Baskets and Wreaths need water?

Wreaths need no water. Dryable baskets are made fresh and placed in a floral sponge. This is all the water they need to bloom open. So they need not be watered.

What makes your arrangements special?

What distinguishes us from the rest is our creative edge we put into our hand-made arrangements. We use beautiful floral tints and organically grown protea foliage. This means each customer who orders from Flowers Make My Day will receive an arrangement available nowhere else in the world today.

What does dryable mean?

A cut flowers life is limited. No matter how much water you provide, It will only drink as long as vitality is circulating. Eventually circulation ceases and the cut flower stops drinking thus becoming "dry". The term "dryable" is given to those rare flowers that retain their shape when the drinking stops. Eventually all the water dissolves from the plant and it becomes dry.

What are your shipping costs?

We appreciate you supporting our family business. For a limited time, as a way of saying thank you, Flowers Make My Day is offering free shipping on any item you purchase. Free shipping costs apply to the continental U.S. only. Our shipping Dates are Monday and Tuesday. Please feel free to contact us for any shipping related questions.

Where do you get your flowers?

Flowers Make My Day have always been farm to front door. All of our flowers are organically grown on our property in Valley Center, California. The flowers are picked, arrangments are made and shipped to your door within days!

What is your return policy?

If an item gets damaged during shipping a replacement will be issued. We request a picture of the damaged item to be sent to us. Without a picture of the damaged item we will not be able to send a replacement or issue a refund. Thank you for your understanding.