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Belesiri Hydroponics (ಬೆಳೆಸಿರಿ​)

Soil-less Farming Workshops | Consulting | Farm Experience Visits | Hydroponics Nutrients and Products   

WhatsApp 8762162045 for more information

Hydroponics Farming Hands-on workshop
(at Belesiri farm, Bengaluru)

SUNDAY, 21st AUG (10:30 am to 5pm) <<Click here for details>>

SUNDAY, 28th AUG (10:30 am to 5pm) <<Click here for details>>

Online student

Online Hydroponics Workshop
(LIVE & Interactive session)

WEDNESDAY, 24th AUG (7 pm to 9pm) <<Click here for details>>

SATURDAY, 27th AUG (7 pm to 9pm) <<Click here for details>>

Upcoming workshops / events

HELP YOU to be a commercial grower

  • You want to be a commercial grower.

  • You want to earn money by eventually setting up your own farm and start agri business.

  • Currently you do not own a land / space to grow. 

  • However you want to practice soil-less farming in depth, get hands-on experience before you start a commercial setup

Hydroponics equipments


  • Water soluble nutrients

  • NFT systems

  • Grow mediums etc

help to SETUP your farm

Need help to setup your farm on Terrace or Balcony space to grow pesticide free and nutritious vegetables?

Contact : 

+91 8762162045 

renting & consulting

​We believe in growing together concept and working hard to achieve it.

We have come up with a unique concept to rent out Hydroponic growing systems and provide a focused guidance too.

How can we help you...

115+ Five star reviews on Google!

My sessions with Mr.Guruprasad has helped tremendously in getting the basics of hydroponics/ soilless farming right. Getting the basics right goes a long way in any experiment ( small scale or commercial) with hydroponics. He has a solid understanding of what it takes to succeed at soilless farming through his extensive experience & is a good, patient teacher who is very responsive whenever approached with doubts/ problems that I come across in my everyday farm activity. Highly recommended for those who are keen to get started with hydroponics.

Ramya Vivek, Coimbatore 

What's growing on our terrace garden?

Open and Closed Systems in Hydroponics

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Contact Us (8762162045) 

* We meet people only based on prior appointments. Please call / WhatsApp above number to fix an appointment before planning your visit.

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