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How to learn Hydroponics / Soilless Farming at Belesiri Farm (Bengaluru)

How to get started…

Most of the information we receive online creates more confusion than clarification. All you need is a crisp and clear guideline to move forward with your farming Journey. 

So you need to first decide what crop you want to focus on and what your goal is. We can help you how to go about it. In case you are not sure about it, we can help you decide that too!  

We will let you know the complete growing process with practical demonstrations our. 

How we can help you?

We conduct offline workshop in our urban farm at Kodigehalli, Bengaluru. It will be a complete practical training on Soilless farming.

What will you explore...

1. What's Hydroponics Farming?
2. Step-by-step growing process      
3. Nutrient management for various veggies and fruits.
4. Pest management 
5. How to start commercial farms and sell        
6. Case studies and much more... 


By the time you’re done, you’ll know a step-by-step method to grow and sell your produce.

And, for just participating in this class, you will get the following bonuses.

Bonus 1: The consolidated EC and PH charts to help you grow any kind of plants and other reference materials
Bonus 2: Consolidated list with applications of various friendly microbes
Bonus 3: Ongoing help and guidance through regular Live calls!
Bonus 4: Ongoing help and guidance on WhatsApp group. Everyday it will be open for interactions.
Bonus 5: Life time membership of Belesiri Balaga Community

(Watch below video to understand what all can be grown using this technique)

115+ Five star reviews on Google!

My sessions with Mr.Guruprasad has helped tremendously in getting the basics of hydroponics/ soilless farming right. Getting the basics right goes a long way in any experiment ( small scale or commercial) with hydroponics. He has a solid understanding of what it takes to succeed at soilless farming through his extensive experience & is a good, patient teacher who is very responsive whenever approached with doubts/ problems that I come across in my everyday farm activity. Highly recommended for those who are keen to get started with hydroponics.

Ramya Vivek, Coimbatore 

About your Coach...

Guruprasad Kurtkoti, One of the India’s leading Hydroponics coaches and Founder of Belesiri.

Guruprasad Kurtkoti was an IT professional who worked for various big companies for 20 years in India and USA. 


He is passionate farmer, coach and a writer.

Leaving a well paid job in United States wasn't at all easy. However, that extreme step was to fulfill his dreams of paying forward!

Guru with his wife Asha founded Belesiri, with a focus on educating people on scientific farming techniques such as Hydroponics (aka Soil-less farming)

He trained more than 2000 students as on Apr 2021

His objective is to help the small to medium scale farmers to find the right market and sell their produce effectively.

He received an award "Super star Farmer" in Karnataka for his exceptional work in the field of Hydroponics farming and training.

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