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Only way to master farming is to practice farming consistently!

How to get started…

As they say, Practice makes man perfect, you can get started as soon as you can. However you may not have ready infrastructure to perform the activities. And many a times you do not want to invest huge money to just practice farming. Well... The good news is we can help you!


We allow farming aspirants to practice farming there with a structured guidance from the practitioners from Belesiri. The duration of this Commercial Hydroponics Training Program is 3 days and continued remote guidance. 

We provide a platform to act on your dreams. You will be given complete tools and know how to perform day to day farming activities in our premises. We have a commercial setup built in 1000 sft area at Kodigehalli , Bengaluru, where you will be given a complete guidance for 3 days/ 6.5 Hours session.

We also have a rooftop setup where we are growing different plants like Tomatoes, cucumbers, Papaya, Flowers etc. 

What will be covered in 3 days/ 6.5 hours

Day 1/ Session 1: (2.5 hours)

  1. What is Soil-less farming / Hydroponics and misconceptions/ myths

  2. Advantages over soil and why Soilless

  3. Various growing systems: NFT, Deep water culture, Dutch bucket and Grow bags.

  4. Different grow mediums used in Hydroponics and the complete growing process

  5. Nutrition and fertilizer sources, importance of

  6. EC / TDS and pH and monitoring

  7. Pest prevention and control

  8. Opportunities and future milestones

Day 2 / Session 2: (2 hours)

Practical activities under the guidance of Belesiri experts:

  1. Effective Sowing methods and considerations.

  2. Monitoring of various farm parameters and adjusting. 

  3. Growing specific plants: Spinach, Lettuce,

  4. Tomatoes, Capsicum, Ginger/ Turmeric

  5. Transplantation and maintenance of various systems (NFT, DWC, Grow bags, Dutch buckets system)

  6. Best practices

Day 3/ Session 3: (2 hours)

Practical activities  

  1. Scouting / monitoring practices with various tools 

  2. Plant observation patterns

  3. How to identify plant diseases and pests

  4. Pest prevention and control techniques


  1. FREE: Mini starter kit (1 Coco peat, 5 grow bags, Nutrients, 5 Net cups, Seeds, Clay balls)

  2. FREE: Live follow-up group calls on a regular basis for 3 months for initial hand holding      

  3. FREE: 2 one on one calls with Guru

  4. FREE: Reference materials and videos

Belesiri Hydroponics farm @ Kodigehalli, Bengaluru

Click below links for dates and to register.

3 Days Soil-less/ Hydroponics Course

115+ Five star reviews on Google!

My sessions with Mr.Guruprasad has helped tremendously in getting the basics of hydroponics/ soilless farming right. Getting the basics right goes a long way in any experiment ( small scale or commercial) with hydroponics. He has a solid understanding of what it takes to succeed at soilless farming through his extensive experience & is a good, patient teacher who is very responsive whenever approached with doubts/ problems that I come across in my everyday farm activity. Highly recommended for those who are keen to get started with hydroponics.

Ramya Vivek, Coimbatore 

About your Coach...

Guruprasad Kurtkoti, One of the India’s leading Hydroponics coaches and Founder of Belesiri.

Guruprasad Kurtkoti was an IT professional who worked for various big companies for 20 years in India and USA. 


He is passionate farmer, coach and a writer.

Leaving a well paid job in United States wasn't at all easy. However, that extreme step was to fulfill his dreams of paying forward!

Guru with his wife Asha founded Belesiri, with a focus on educating people on scientific farming techniques such as Hydroponics (aka Soil-less farming)

He trained more than 2000 students as on Apr 2021

His objective is to help the small to medium scale farmers to find the right market and sell their produce effectively.

He received an award "Super star Farmer" in Karnataka for his exceptional work in the field of Hydroponics farming and training.

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